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How to hang pictures correctly
Tipps and Ideas from WallARy
There are a lot of ways to hang pictures in the room. WallARy gives you the opportunity to try out all facets without having to hit a single nail in the wall. Have fun trying!

The staging of a star

You want to hang a large picture at your home? Such a picture needs space to work. So hang it on a big wall and make sure that it is not in competition with voluminous furniture or other pictures. Over a low furniture such as a table, bed or sideboard, a single, large-format image is shown to advantage.

A multi-divider for the panoramic view

A motif, which is composed of several individual called Tryptichon. In order for the composition of the picture to stand out perfectly, one should hang the individual fragments of the multi-divider in a row as far as possible and leave only a small distance between the pictures.

St. Petersburg Hanging

The St. Petersburg hanging is popularly called “salon hanging” or ordered chaos. Numerous motifs cover almost the whole wall here. The name goes back to the tightly decorated walls of the St. Petersburg citizens. Who wants to bring order to chaos, chooses similar motifs or colors.

Strung up nicely

a popular and classic solution is to hang two or more pictures in a row. You can hang the pictures both vertically and horizontally on a line. If you want to use formats of different sizes, you have two options: Either you can arrange the pictures as an edge hanger or arrange them so that the center of the picture lies on an imaginary line.



The Geometric Arrangement (Part 1)

Works with related motifs and the same implementation techniques unfold best in a geometric arrangement as quartet or sextet. The pictures should hang on a line and the distances between the pictures should always be exactly the same.


The Geometric Arrangement (Part 2)

The human eye perceives symmetry as harmonious – this also applies to image ensembles. To arrange a symmetrical hanging you need at least 3 pictures, of which at least two have the same format.

Picture collages – the fusion

You can also take a picture of several pictures by hanging all the pictures edge to edge so that the subjects merge. Here you must pay particular attention to uniform motifs.

The staircase

Do not forget your staircases. These are also great for hanging pictures. It looks especially nice if the steps are reproduced from the pictures.