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How can we help you? In our FAQs and Tutorial videos you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Or you can contact us directly via Facebook and Instagram.


What requirements must my iPhone or iPad have, so that I can use the augmented reality mode?

You need at least an iPhone 6s or higher, a 5th generation iPad or an iPad Pro

How does the scanning process work in Augmented Reality mode?

Move in front of the wall on which you want to look at your pictures. After clicking the button “AR Mode” you have to scan the floor first. Put your Smart Device on the ground in front of you and move it slightly back and forth. Now you should see yellow dots and the countdown appears to increase to 100%. Then place the looking cursor directly on the edge between wall and floor. Please click the plus sign (+). Afterwards, pull apart the grid that appears to the right or left and mark a second point on the same wall exactly at the corner between wall and floor. Press the + sign on the right side of the screen again. Now the scan is finished and your picture appears on the wall. Below the FAQ section you will also find a tutorial video for this process.

How do I integrate already existing pictures into my collages?

Very easily. Just take a picture of your pictures and screens including frames (if available) and then upload these pictures to the app via the Photo Gallery upload function. Now choose the right dimensions and you can try your favorite pictures on every wall before you hang them.

How many pictures can I configure at the same time?

You can use any number of images in your collages.

How can I move the pictures in AR mode?

You have two options. For one, you can move the entire collage by moving your finger on the screen back and forth on a free surface. If you want to move individual pictures, then tap directly on a picture and move this with the finger to the right place.

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